Structure and reactions of carbonyl compounds

Structure and reactions of carbonyl compounds

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Intramolecular aldol addition and condensation

The aldol condensation, since it is also possible intramolecularly, offers an easy way to synthesize cyclic molecules. However, the decisive factor here is which ring sizes are to be manufactured. It should also be noted that the ring closure can occur via the different possible enolates. In this example, however, the ring closure via the methyl group would lead to the energetically favorable seven-membered ring, so that only the six-membered ring is obtained.

The corresponding cyclization of diesters is called Dieckmann condensation, which is named after its discoverer WalterDieckmann. Cyclic ketones with an α-carboxylic acid ester group are formed. The unsubstituted cyclic ketones are accessible by saponification of the ester and subsequent decarboxylation.

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