Buffer solutions

Buffer solutions

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Use of buffer solutions

Buffer solutions play an important role in chemistry. An example is the precipitation of aluminum hydroxide at a constant as possible pHValue of 9, otherwise OH in the course of the precipitation-Ions are consumed from the solution and with decreasing pH the solubility of Al (OH)3 increases again. One could compensate for the loss of hydroxide ions in the solution by adding caustic soda, but would then have to do this several times pH-Check the value. It is easier to find the one you want pH- Stabilize the value by buffering.

For complexometric titrations with Na2EDTA releases protons in the course of complex formation; by the sinking pHValue would affect the stability of the complex. That is why one also works here in a buffered solution. Buffers are extremely important for the course of biochemical reactions. This is how human blood has one pH-Value from 7.35 to 7.45. Greater deviations are life-threatening. Since lactic acid is produced primarily during muscle work, there is a risk of over-acidification in unbuffered blood. (The main buffer systems in the blood are CO2/ HCO3 and buffering the amphoteric serum proteins.)