Characterization of polymers

Characterization of polymers

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Task of polymer analysis

There is a close connection between the structure of a macromolecular substance and its properties. Polymer analysis is therefore an indispensable research tool for industrial chemistry in combination with basic chemical and physical research. The further the development of a product has progressed, the more precise information is required about its molecular and supermolecular structure.

The structure of high-molecular substances is considerably more complicated than that of low-molecular substances. The characterization of macromolecules is subdivided into the determination of the structure, size, shape and properties of the macromolecules. The aim of polymer analysis is to link known structures with their properties.

A targeted optimization of the desired properties can only be carried out on the basis of knowledge of the structures and their effects.

Knowledge of the structures is also important for the formulation of patents. Polymer analysis also has the task of researching new chemical and physical processes that allow a clear and rapid characterization of a structural element.

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